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Qualified Candidates

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qualified candidates

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*Why 14 qualified candidates per pack?

If you are interviewing more than 14 candidates to fill one position, the role definition needs to get better.
Quite a few of our clients have filled more than 2 positions in these many candidates.

Plans for Hiring Winters & Summers

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Pay for On-Demand Offerings. No commitments.

Subscription Plan

Discounted & custom offerings for planned hiring needs

Common Product Features


  • 5000+ Headhunters & Boutique Agencies on a Single Contract, Ever-growing.

    Spottabl automatically scales supply of specialist talent suppliers based on demand of jobs & their specifics

  • Auto-KYC, Manual Vetting of Every Talent Supplier & their Team Members

    We understand confidentiality of your roles and how every candidate conversation is a potential bad Glassdoor review. Hence every supplier is vetted & re-verified every 3 months.

  • 1M+ Unique Candidate Matches from Headhunter Private Pools

    The right recruiters are invited to your role based on their matching talent pools & historical success.

RICH CANDIDATE PROFILES in your flow of work

  • Candidate Stories & AI-Generated Insights

    Every candidate is furnished with a unique summary of their pointers that fit the role they are tagged to.

  • Slack Integrated (MS Teams coming soon)

    Connect every job to a specific Slack channel and have your hiring team have review profiles as they get submitted.

  • Automatically synced with your ATS

    Spottabl sends candidates and their rich profiles to your ATS so that your team doesn’t have to work on multiple systems.


  • Rich Company Pages & Job Profiles

    Upon qualification, every candidate is armed with your unique company/ team story & requirements of the role.

  • 360º Job with AI-Suggested Screening Questions

    Every vendor mandatorily screens for questions provided by you via the platform.

  • SpotGPT Generated Interest Check & Engagement Emails

    Maintain a common tone across all candidate communication, including scheduling & personalised rejection emails.

SPOTGPT Features for all YOUR roles

  • Roles & Responsibilities Generator

    Say no to templatised, reused & recycled JDs. Generate unique, unbiased roles & responsibilities based on actual requirements.

  • Performance Objectives & Key Results for Every Role

    Eliminate Bad Hires by defining parameters for candidates’ early success in that role

  • Scenario-based Interview Questions

    Hiring managers & interviewers can ask unique questions to test for candidates intent to do the job.

support, dashboard & reports

  • Dedicated Recruitment Success Manager For All Openings

    You will always have a job manager who can guide you for role intake, maintaining profile quality & any other support.

  • Hiring Performance Weekly Digest

    Look back at your previous week on Spottabl and called out action items that need your attention

  • Live Dashboard & Downloadable Reports

    Stay on top of all metrics that drive your hiring success including job level pipeline health & performance.

Subscription & Enterprise Offerings

INTELLIGENT talent VENDOR management system

  • Your Preferred Partners on a Single Platform; No Contracting & Invoicing Hassles

    Consolidate all your current partners on a fully transparent platform and reduce Total Cost of Ownership

  • Agency Auto-Selection, Invites & Assignation; No favouritism

    Reduce human biases in assigning the right vendors for the right roles using Spottabl’s proprietary Smart Pairing technology.

  • Partner Reviews, Ratings & Historical Performance Metrics

    Maintain your partner ratings & reviews via our ER Directory complete with access to their live dashboard of your jobs.

  • Vendor Gamification for Timely Deliveries

    Apply surge bonuses on jobs for fast pipeline building sprints & reward vendors with high trust scores

  • Business Rules to auto-unassign & block vendors from your jobs

    While Spottabl does this under the hood, with T-VMS, you can set rules to filter out underperforming vendors


  • Your ATS, your Custom Fields, Assessment & Interview Workflows

    Configure all your custom ATS workflows to mitigate any back and forth between multiple systems

  • Dedicated Recruiters with On-Site option

    Save on fixed costs by getting our RecOps Specialists to support on Spottabl or non-Spottabl roles.

  • Custom Reports, Dashboards

    Our out of the box reports not cutting it? We will fix that for you.


  • Executive Leadership Hiring & Strategic Succession Planning

    Our experts have placed 1000+ CXOs and VPs and help you proactively identify the best successors for your businesses.

  • Compensation Benchmarking, ESOPs & Benefits Strategy

    Insights from 10000+ jobs on our platform help you stay competitive in keeping up with talent asks.

  • Competency Definitions for getting Max. Value from Every Hire

    Building a new capability or struggling with performance evaluations for existing ones. We would be happy to help.

  • Outplacement Support for Smooth Transitions

    We have headhunters for various specialisations. Our algorithms find matching ones for your outgoing employees.

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