Rewiring Hiring for the Digital Age

Roles are evoloving everyday. Consequently, recruiters too have built their specialized talent pools.

Spottabl smartly pairs specialist recruiters and agencies with verified roles from hyper-growth tech companies.

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Where Recruitment Passion meets Talent Need
We see that the tech-landscape is evolving so rapidly that recruitment teams are not able to keep pace with these changes. Access to the right specialist recruiters is extremely scarce and unorganized. Furthermore, we are seeing a huge upsurge in recruiting passionistas trying to fill this void by either doing side gigs or going all-in behind growing their specialized talent network and helping them find their dream jobs. This is where Spottabl enters.
Making Hiring Fast. From Months to Days to Hours
We yearn to provide the recruiters with a predictable revenue stream while 10x’ing their earnings. And this can only happen if we can make hiring a fast & delightful experience.
With countless friction points in the hiring lifecycle, Spottabl provides recruiters with an AI-enabled platform that helps mitigate these inefficiencies. Spottabl streamlines the entire lifecycle from sourcing to screening to offer & finally hire.
"To Empower Anyone To Become A Recruiter"
True uberization of recruitment means to reach a scale where anyone can vouch for their connections and help them meet their aspirations. That’s the essence of being a recruiter.
A Recruiter, An HR Leader & A Data Scientist Went To A Bar
Vani, herself a specialist recruiter, has helped Microsoft Research, Flipkart and many other startups hire data science researchers, product managers (back when they were very few) and senior leadership teams. In her talent strategy roles in startups like Practo, Hotstar & Postman, she frustratingly witnessed the delays caused due to spraying and praying on job boards & approaching wrong agencies. And that sowed the seed to what came to be Spottabl.
Satheesh, a people operations leader, has seen first hand via his teams at AOL and Flipkart, how slow hiring translates into business impact. Satheesh is an expert in the areas of compensation benchmarking, ESOP strategies and performance management. In his short stint at xto10x, he laid the groundwork for their flagship employee engagement product called 10xPeople. But he too ultimately found his calling in solving the core issue of hiring.
Anupam, data scientist & a product leader, an AI in HR enthusiast, spent 6 years in a recruitment tech startup EdGE Networks. While building their knowledge graph that powers all their ML-based candidate matching and career pathing workflows, he realized the role that technology can play in changing the recruitment landscape. Previously he got his MS in CS from RIT and researched amongst the best minds at Los Alamos National Lab.

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We have raised venture capital from some marquee investors. In fact, seeing the value that we were able to create, a few of our customers became investors in Spottabl.

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