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Starting in late 2017, Connectecho Talent Labs primarily operated as a talent advisory and recruitment firm, specializing in handling the requirements of startups. With a handful of members, while solving the recruitment needs of high-growth companies, the team came to an early understanding of the gap that exists between lucrative careers at startups and the aspiring talent that wished to embark upon a fulfilling professional journey.

Result-oriented talent branding told via engaging stories - benefiting all elements of a startup ecosystem.

All startups who embark on the journey to create their talent brand, make one of two mistakes. Either they grossly underestimate the effort needed, or they pick up off-the-shelf solutions that are made for medium to large enterprises, which hardly solve their specific needs. Our cumulative research and storytelling experience of around 50000 man-hours and dealing with more than 50 startups, has enabled us to zero in on the perfect balance of talent branding and storytelling that can solve their hiring needs.

Adding AI and ML to the mix, Spottabl becomes a career search platform built on the foundation of the knowledge and experience of Connectecho. By providing startups an easier and more seamless solution for their hiring needs, we are also reducing the gap between talent and their goals. It is a platform that serves both ends of the spectrum, complementing the needs of one with the demands of the other.

Spottabl’s approach to solving recruitment problems in startups is ‘talent-first’. Our in-house talent scouts understand the needs and aspirations of candidates and that understanding helps us build a startup’s unique brand. A brand that speaks directly to the talent you wish to have in your growth journey.

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes into the world delivering massive impact.

- Late Steve Jobs

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We have been extensively partnering with exceptional and impactful stakeholders coming from diverse domains across the world in the startup ecosystem to help and create an impact when it comes to their top-talent hiring needs. Know how Spottabl can help!





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At Spottabl, the culture seeks

Driven people with a high sense of ownership and a razor-sharp focus on impact.
Curiosity that continuously looks for the ‘why’ in everything, taking the road less travelled - challenging the status quo
A ‘people first’ approach in everything we do
“Recruitment for me is about making talent understand a business at its roots, weaving a compelling story around it and matching their aspirations to opportunities!”


Founder & CEO
“To lead people, you need to identify with them. By involving in the journey of mutual improvement.”


Co-Founder & COO
“Finding that one awesome trait in the individuals around you is what ends up defining you.”


Co-Founder & CPO